Test yourself!

We regularly recruit volunteers to come to the lab and perform various kinds of experimental tasks. Participants are seated in front of a computer and asked to answer simple questions by pressing a button when an image appears on the screen or a sound is played. It usually lasts one or two hours depending on the experiment.

Sometimes, we simultaneously record the cerebral activity at the surface of the scalp/head with the electroencephalography technics (EEG) technique while the volunteer performs a cognitive or motor task (of course, it is completely non-invasive and painless! Participants have to just wear a cap during the experiment). EEG reflects brain electrical activity with very high temporal resolution, on the order of milliseconds.

We are also interested in finding the regions of the brain involved in learning and memory processes and use functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to solve this. In these experiments, the volunteers are asked to lie down comfortably in a scanner while they perform the task.

If you want to be volunteer for one of our experiment, please contact Sophie Muratot


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